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About Marcella
Today I paint, write, and inspire others to make art. But I didn’t always honor my creativity.

After college I landed a well-paying corporate job as an advertising account executive, married a handsome European man, and spent our weekends making home improvements. On the surface, life appeared as if I were living the dream. I had a promising career, a marriage, and a mortgage. But inside I was miserable. My existence felt superficial and void of meaning.

I became so unhappy that I spiraled into a life threatening depression. It was the lowest point of my life, but a turning point. Through recovery, I was reintroduced to art through art therapy. One day I had an epiphany. I realized that the joy of creating art – simply for the joy of it – was what was missing. If I was going to live, and live joyfully, I had to find a way to incorporate creativity into my life.

To live creatively, and authentically, I eventually left my high pressure advertising career and ended my marriage. I walked away from everything that had previously defined me – my job, my relationship, and my home – and started over.
Photo credit: Sean Richardson

An Artist is Born

When I initially started to honor my creativity I had no intention of ever showing or selling my paintings. For years I was content to just carve out a small art space, and a little art time, in my new home and to take local community art classes. But in 2009, shortly after moving from Detroit to Denver, I learned about a call-for-entry for a juried group art show.

Despite my fears and insecurities, I submitted a small painting into the show. A week later I received notice that it was accepted and the rest, as they say, is history! One show led to another. Seven years later, my work as been seen in over forty art shows. Five of them solo exhibitions and a dozen of them by invitation.

In 2013 I acquired gallery representation by, an online art gallery that represented artists throughout North America. Later that year I also signed on with Sync, a cooperative art gallery, in Denver in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District. Proof that when we do what we love, the rest will follow! 

My first solo gallery exhibtion, "Choice Points," 2014; Photo credit: Sync Gallery

A Writer Emerges

In addition to being an artist, I am also a writer. When I began showing and selling my paintings in 2009, I began blogging about my adventures navigating the Denver art scene. I have since written
articles for Science of Mind and Creative Thought magazines, contributed essays to two anthologies, and blogged on creativity for Tarcher/Penguin publishing and
At book signing for "Anything Prose" with Author / Publisher Melissa Kline, 2013

Origin of the Spiral Paintings

I began walking a conscious spiritual path to try to understand the mystical experience that saved
my life when I welcomed death. It was at a Zen Buddhist temple where I had my first Oneness experience. While in deep meditation, I lost all sense of my physical body. With my mind’s eye I saw a moving spiral of white and yellow light, heard a drum like heartbeat, and received the message that the truth of who we are is Love.
Left to Right: "Together Through What Separates," "Infinite Love," "Rise"
I emerged from that mediation feeling an inner peace and joy I'd never known. When I left the temple I drove straight to an art supply store and bought new canvas. What I couldn't articulate with words I tried to express with paint. And the spiral paintings began to be birthed into the world.
Meditating in my art studio; Photo credit: Sean Richardson
Exploring my spirituality continues to be a journey and an integral part of my creative process. Over the years I have studied Christianity, Buddhism, Metaphysics, and A Course in Miracles. My spiritual practice continues to evolve and includes movement, such as yoga and dance, meditation, journaling, and of course, painting.
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"Her [Choice Points] collection is a caravan of inspired acrylic abstract paintings on canvas...
I highly recommend seeing this complete collection while the show is up, to immerse yourself in this field of consciousness that
she has created."

~Dannette Dacey Bohl review

“Your work is quite the talk and many are loving it. Thank you for more than participating
[in the annual Art at the Armory art show],
but leading by example.”

~Zachary Reece, co-founder

"Her work is always a progression of
multi-colored emotion, faith and passion.
Truly a joy to see them come alive."

~Nathan Boedigheimer, collector
I attended an art opening of Marcella’s and fell in love with her energy. The piece I wanted to buy was sold so I asked if she would work with me on creating a piece for my home.
The process was so fun. She came to my home and we looked at the space where I wanted the art. She and I created the idea together and discussed colors. She created three pieces that go together and I am thrilled to have them
~Joan Therese Seivert, collector